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Children and Youth Sunday School:


Children's Sunday School  classes:

  • Ages 1 & 2 - Play and Pray in the Nursery Room with Connie Wright

  • Ages 3 - 1st Grade will be in the Preschool room with Vanessa Minnich

  • Grades 2-4 will be in Common Ground with Rebecca Walser

  • Grades 5-7 will be in the Log Cabin Room with Michelle Canfield

  • Grades 8-12 will be in the Cinema Room with Lily Henry

Adult Sunday School:


Library - Something New for August!!

Sunday, August 6th - Testimony Across Generations Sunday - We will hear stories from our church family of all ages!

Sunday, August 13th - Young Adult Group with Dillon and Dallas - Ever wondered what The Mountain looks like on a Tuesday Night? Join us to learn what that looks like and to be a young adult for a day!

Sunday, August 20th - Owning a Christian Business - Charlie & Sue Killian will discuss the ins and outs and ups and downs of owing a Christian business.

Sunday, August 27th - Testimony Across the Generations Sunday - To conclude August once again we will have testimonies from multiple generations within the family of Bethesda.



International Room - Taught by a rotation of teachers - Scientific discoveries continue to reveal the nature, expanse, and power of our universe. As a result, many believers are left struggling to understand the relationship God has with his creation. The expanse of creation gives us a hint at the power and expanse of its Creator. One way that scripture describes the relationship between God and his creation is in terms of the relationship between a king and his kingdom. God is King! And the entire created order is under his rule. This quarter will explore the themes of God's rule, his kingdom, and the response of his people as revealed in the Old Testament prophets, the teachings of Jesus, and the letters of the apostle Paul. Join us in the International room to see how the prophets proclaim God's power. 

Starting in September

Room 100 – Café

“In the Beginning …” – In the beginning there was God … and then Sin … and then … Dillon Wertman on a journey teaching from the beginning … in a 6-week series.  If you want to discuss “the basics” about God, Sin, Jesus, Salvation, and Church, please join in.


Room 200 – Library

A study of Galatians – Join the Galatians discussion to learn about a new identify and freedom in Christ using N. T. Wright’s For Everyone Bible Study Guide for this 10-week journey.


Room – 202 – International Room

God’s Law is Love – One point of conflict in the first-century church concerned the authority and relevance of the Law of Moses.  The question of the authority and relevance of the Law still confuses some followers of Jesus today.  This class will explore the relationship between faith and law through Jesus’ teachings and writings to the first-century church.  Join in to think through and discuss what Jesus and the apostles say about law and grace.

8:00 am - Traditional Service
9:15 am - Sunday School
10:30 am - Contemporary Service
Nursery is available during 10:30 service for ages 0-3
Jr. Church is available during 10:30 service for ages 4 through 4th grade.

As always, we will provide a live stream of the 10:30 am service. Available Here.

Beginning September 13th, from 6:30-7:30PM
Wed 2

Kidz Klub

Ages 4-4th Grade

This semester we will be learning that being a follower of Jesus is more than just knowing the truth; it's about doing – living out the truth. In this series, kids will encounter a biblical truth AND complete a dare that serves to reinforce the lesson learned.

Children will be brought to the parents at the end of Children’s Ministries activities.

Adult Studies

Men meet in Room 202; Women in Room 200;

Get Your Life Back:  Everyday Practices for a World Gone Mad by John Eldredge.  We live in soul-scorching times!  The 24-7 onslaught of contemporary life has left us feeling ragged, wrung out, and emptied.  In this 6-week series, Eldredge distills a lifetime of wisdom into 5 practical and ready-to-implement practices to care for the neglected places in our souls.  Rest assured; the graces offered in this study are practicable and refreshing.  God WANTS to come to us and restore our lives.  We just need to put ourselves in places that allow us to receive his help.

The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel, a 4-week study will complete this 10-week semester.


Our church is located at:


155 Reedsville Road, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972


Our church offices are located across the street at:

23 Meadowbrook Dr. Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

Prayer Requests

If you would like us to pray for you or someone you know, please complete the form below.  If contact is requested, someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours, many times sooner.

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