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Pastoral Search Committee Information & Updates

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The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) added a newly formed Pastor Search Committee (PSC) tasked to conduct the search for a new lead pastor.

The Pastor Search Committee consists of the current Pastoral Relations Committee (Amanda Gossard, Chris Morrison, Connie Wright, Steve Minnich, and Ed Redding) along with four additional church members (Curt Behler, Randy Blankenhorn, Sue Killian, and Lily Stoyer) together with Lisa Minnich as a non-voting participant. The PRC believes that the interests of the congregation as a whole will be well represented by these individuals.

This group area will allow the PSC to provide members and regular attendees of Bethesda EC Church updates on our search for a new Lead Pastor. If you have a private question, please feel free to e-mail the PSC members at

Group Rules

Respect One Another

Everyone has a different point of view so feel free to respectfully disagree. Please be kind and courteous at all times.

Be Respectful of Other's Privacy

Being in this group depends on our trust of one another. Some discussions may be sensitive or contain sensitive information, so what’s said in the group should stay in the group.


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  • March 3, 2022


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